Hotmail is a web based hub for emails, tasks, contacts and calendar services. The history of Hotmail describes it as one of the oldest email services that the world currently has. The email service was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in California. It must be noted that although formed in the year 1996, over the years the web based application has changed form over and over again and this further adds to its uniqueness. It must be noted that the platform was sold to Microsoft in the year 1997, and because of this fact it was renamed as MSN Hotmail and then it was subsequently rebranded and launched as Windows Live Hotmail, thereby spreading the popularity about its respective email services. However in the year 2012, the web platform was re-launched as and at this point, it was established that the web platform was already known all around the world.

At the launch of Hotmail in the year 1996, it should be noted that it broke the usual trend of being the ISP based kind of email and also its ability to access anyone from all around the world. This mail service definitely utilized the coming into life of the internet service and also the ability of people to connect with each other, irrespective of wherever it is that they are in the world. The name “Hotmail” was chosen out of a multiple choice variety of names and the name became a resolution because it contained the usual letters of the computer understood language and it is the “HTML” which means the Hypertext Markup Language, which is the language that leads to the creation of the many web pages that we see around the world today.

Although in the year 1996, it wasn’t looking like the web platform would yield a lot in popularity but in the year 1997, it must be noted that the platform generated a whopping amount of over eight million subscribers and this allowed the web platform to be partnered with by many similar web services company and this began its metamorphosis into what it is that we know it as today.


In the year 1997, Hotmail was sold to the Microsoft Company for $400 million and because of this it joined the MSN group of services while it rendered similar services with the other applications in the group. The web platform amassed quite a huge amount of popularity because it was advertised into different markets all around the world, and because of this is became one of the leading email companies in the world with over 30 million subscribers as at the year 1999.

It must be noted that as at this point in time, the email services of the platform were run based on FreeBSD but as time went on, there were speculations that the services of the company be reverted to windows and this was done and it was devised to DNS operating systems. Later on, the web services went on to attach some awesome features to its list of services and this was the chat and social media related features of the web platform.

As a matter of fact, despite of the services that the Hotmail service provider offered, there are but a few backdrop to its list of services and the major of this backdrop was the fact that despite the huge number of accounts which were opened on Hotmail, most of the accounts were not secured and so in the year 1999, hackers did some tricks on the Hotmail services and hacked into the accounts of many people in that year, but the leniency of those hackers allowed people to log into their Hotmail accounts using the password “eh,” it was at that point that people were able to detect that despite the huge amount of services provided by Hotmail, their services were not secured in any way. This made Hotmail providers to create a firewall to protect their services but this was until the year 2001 when the web platform was hacked once again, and with this hack, people were able to log into the account of others and detect vital information using a particular URL link and this made it porous that while the accounts of people were being secured, the privacy wasn’t guaranteed. This became the biggest effect of hacking activities at that point.

For the major part of the year 2001, many typical Hotmail users were typical hackers because the hack into the accounts of people was via the use of a simple trick that made everyone a hacker without any technicality in place.

Hotmail and the Lurking Competition

In the later part of the year 2004, Google announced the launching of its own web related web services and this included the Google mail. Till date, the mail services of Google serve as one of the main competitions that Hotmail have and this is because of a multifarious amount of features that come with opening an account on the platform.

One reason that made the Google mail services a worthy competition was the fact that it had a much greater amount of storage space and it could be loaded in time on all kinds of devices, but Hotmail had a low storage space and could not be loaded on all kinds of gadgets. The interface of the Google mail services is also user friendly. The services of Google mail gave rise to a greater amount of features from both web platforms.

The third worthy competition when it comes to email services is the Yahoo! Mail and over the years the platforms have improved on their services with their subscribers increasing as the years go by.

The Era of the Windows Live Hotmail

Given the prevalent numbers that occurred in the world of emails, Microsoft created a new kind of email platform and it was the Windows Live Hotmail and this was launched in the year 2005. The code name of the email platform was Kahuna and the testing version was released to many testers for the purpose of testing the advancement in its creation. In the year 2006, the total number of beta testers for the new web creation had numbered to the whooping amount of one million better testers with more enthusiast still asking to be granted access to test the web application. The main features that the new web platform worked was the interface of the email platform, the faster loading of the email application and the easy connectivity of the email application.

It should be noted that initially, the plan of Microsoft was to phase out the Hotmail services and create a new trend of email services, but given the prevailing circumstances, a lot of people were confused as regards the names and also the services of the web platform and because of this the developers of the email services platform decided to change the name of the email platform to Windows Live Hotmail.

The new mail services allowed previous customers of Hotmail to update to the Live Version and it also allowed new subscribers to also join the platform. This particular brand of email services actually won a lot of awards in the year 2007 and 2011 respectively.

In the year 2008, the services of Windows Live Hotmail was updated in such a way that the interface became more user friendly, the storage space was more, the speed of loading the web platform increased and it was notable that the classic and full version of the Windows Live Hotmail were combined together in the more recent update. The update at this point in time allowed for more messages on the pages of the web platform and it also enabled advertisement on each of the pages of the web platform to the side.

It must be noted that prior to the update the email platform could still not be run on all gadgets, but with the update which was done in the year 2008, the email platform could be run on Firefox application on different windows gadgets and it actually took a couple of months to get to this feat. Later on in the year 2009, the Chrome browser on all gadgets was allowed to load the email platform too. The Windows Live Hotmail services allowed for instant messaging on all the respective applications with the new update and also on the contacts which a user has on the Windows Live Messenger Service. The update of the application led to the creation of the instant messenger option which was the creation of Hotmail which had started in the earliest version but wasn’t completed until the recent update which was done in the year 2007. This update took away the tabbed messages option. In the same update, the Bing option was added to the Hotmail services with the add-on option and this allowed people to integrate maps, pictures and embed chats on the application.

The world of technology also affected the Hotmail web application and this led to its major update which was done in the year 2010. The update allowed for the wave 4 update which was done on the Hotmail application. This update launched the email application like a typical social media account and with this option people could now filter chats, view active chats, sweep their inbox, the storage size for photos was up to 10 gigabyte and the update made the application to have the option to share attachments which include word applications and similar documents.

An added feature that the 2010 update gave was the addendum of the Microsoft suites updates and also the windows live option that allows users to make video calls with each other. The year 2011 had the web based application being rolled out to people all around the world and in the year 2012 the major update on the application was done and this allowed the web based application to be SSL enabled as well as for the email application having a new name.

The Conversion to

It is from the Windows Live Hotmail that Microsoft changed the name of the web platform to However, this was done in the year 2012 when the beta version of the new web platform was sent out to different members of the public for beta testing. Just like in other versions also, the prior members of Hotmail simply needed to upgrade to the new version which is the It must be noted that prior to this point in the changes that occurred with the platform, there was a dilemma as regards the acceptance of the new platform by existing customers of Microsoft but the difference became clear in the year 2014 when the web platform was said to have over 400 million active users.

Also with the creation of the new email platform, there was a dire need to change a whole lot of things about the platform and this is the major reason why Microsoft decided to move the platform over to the Office 365 infrastructural platform. The features that the new platform had include the platform that allowed for new calendar layouts, new themes and filter usage of the email application in various gadgets.

Asides all of these facts, the Outlook application also had the option to add add-ins for payments to third party applications such as Paypal and Evernote. From the year 2016, it was noticeable that the suggestion to add new contacts to the contacts that one has on the web platform, was an option that was obvious on the application. The year 2016 saw many people who had the previous Hotmail accounts being asked to open the new outlook account from a computer device and this changed a whole lot of things about the Hotmail world.

In the year 2017, users of the outlook email application were allowed the option of checking into the recent updates from Microsoft, especially as they became the beta testers of the web based platform. That year saw the company add such options which include emoji, pictures hub, and a faster redesign of their respective email accounts and also the option that enables faster chats with people. It must be noted that although the new interface of the outlook email account did have a lot of spaces that enabled advert placement in them, there was also the premium option that allowed people to increase the storage space on the email platform as well as remove the adverts which would incessantly be seen all over the application. In the year 2018 however, the premium version was removed but old subscribers were allowed to continue the renewal of their prior subscriptions for the purpose of enjoying the benefits of the premium version of the outlook account. The old interface of the outlook account was removed in the year 2018 also

Characteristics of the Outlook Email Platform

For anyone that happens to be an email enthusiast, you would agree that the recent interface of the outlook application is more in comparison with other email applications that you would find around. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that the email application makes use of the Ajax programming techniques which is a common feature that can be found in most email web platforms. This is the feature that allows the email to function on diverse web applications that exist on different devices.

Also, because of the much recent updates which exist on the application, the application can be used on gadgets which do not make use of the mouse option and this means that people can now navigate the application with the use of the touch screen option which allows them to make use of their hands to scroll through the options which exist on the application. Users of the web platform can also utilize the search and filter option to search for messages on their accounts.

However, it must be noted that the past hacking which had been done to the Hotmail accounts, had a major influence on the application and this was the reason why the domain name option was removed from the outlook application. The reason for this being the fact that the domain name was about the porous part of the Hotmail accounts that were hacked. The removal of the domain names made it easy for the outlook developers to create a way that they can assure the privacy and security which exists on the platform.

The Guaranteed Security that is affiliated with the new interface

One of the things that the outlook providers promised to respect at the interception of the web related platform was the privacy of people. And in other to respect this fact, the web platform targeted the privacy policy of Gmail and other advanced web platforms. In other to assure their subscribers of this respect for privacy, the outlook providers do not scan the details of advertisement and other attachments which are done on the application.

A new switch occurred with regards to the privacy law in the year 2014 when one of the employees of outlook unveil the security information of subscribers to the outlook web platform and this unveiled the information that people had on their chats and messages. It must be noted that while the employee was arrested, the integrity of Outlook was at stake and this led to the creation of the new law which states that the Microsoft company did have the right to go through the messages of people on their platform, but they do not at any point in time have the right to disclose of the information of such chats, except in some exceptional circumstances which are provided for by the privacy Law. In other to reiterate the position of Microsoft, it was stated by Microsoft that they would not at any point in time look into the details of the chats of people on their web platform, but should in case there is any reason for suspicions on the web platform, such suspicion would be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency for the purpose of carrying out effective investigations.

In the year 2013 and 2014 respectively, it must be noted that outlook added four security measures to their web platform and this allowed the privacy of people to be guaranteed and also the prevention of the web platform from possible attack from hackers.

Also in other to prevent the privacy of users from being breached, the web platform also included the option to make use of a one-time code which would be sent to the user’s phone number and this code can only be used once. As a matter of fact, if the user does not have the code, there is no way that he or she can log into the application because the application no longer makes use of passwords but that one time code which would asked as at the point when one needs to log into the account.

The Outlook User Interface

The outlook web platform has more users today because of the ability of users to interact with the features of the application. This goes a longer extent in proving that the application is user friendly. The use of the active view option in the web platform allows users to make use of the option to view a message or an attachment before even going ahead to check on the message or the attachment.

Also, because of the connection which the application has with other partnered platforms, you can also preview the details from other partnered applications from the web platform. Examples of such web applications include YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, the United States Postal Services and other related applications directly from your email account.

People can track shipping and all other affairs that occur on their social media pages using the outlook emails that they get notified for on this new interface of the application.

 A Notable Change that has happened overtime with Outlook App

Over the years, the changes that have occurred over different accounts created by Microsoft have had the different interfaces that tell so much about how the company has evolved with the new changes that have emerged around the world of technology. One notable change that have been noticed on the interface of the web platform is the time management feature. The time management feature has changed from the update which was conducted in the year 2007, 2008 and 2010.

In the more recent update which was made on the Outlook interface, the calendar of the interface was regarded as the Windows Calendar and this calendar entry has the feature for people personalize the features of the calendar and it also includes the feature that makes users move from one particular date to the other without necessarily changing the page of the date. The calendar also contains a feature to make people keep tabs on the events in their lives. While one might think that this feature appertains to one particular gadget, it should be noted that this feature can be utilized when you log into your outlook account the platform. You can easily access your settings on any gadget and as at when you log into your account.

One other thing that has changed, especially from the switch from Hotmail to Outlook is with the feature of having online contacts and  this feature is known as the windows live contacts and also the windows live people. This feature on the outlook account allows users to be able to access their contacts at any point in time and also be able to share their contacts at any point in time. What is more is the fact that the contacts are not simply those that you save on your gadgets, it is also linked together with the contacts on your social media pages and this makes it the more convenient because you have the ease of access.

The contacts that you have on your gadgets can be updated when you log into your account and this leads to an automatic update when you log into your account at different times and the fun part of this is the fact that people can set the limit on what parts of their contacts people can see when viewing their profile. Hence, while you add up a lot of contacts, you can also control what aspect of your profile people see from time to time.

The juxtapose of and office Online

Everyone knows that when it comes to relating with Microsoft’s products, and office are part of the major creations of Microsoft. The juxtapose of outlook and office online comes into play when you see an office document or an attachment on the online; you can easily save the document or attachment ad while you do this, you have the option of either saving on your gadget or on your one drive which is also a creation of Microsoft.

The new interface of the application is top notch in the sense that you can easily get a document through the web related application and then you can easily edit and send back to the sender of the document. In recent times also, the outlook interface also allowed its users to make use of the web platform like a cloud system and so because of this users can upload a document which could be used on the platform by a lot of users who have access to the document. With this feature, the web platform has been able to juxtapose the social life of men with their work system and adds to the many uniqueness of the outlook interface.

One more thing that is unique with the interface is the fact that the interface has allowed users to be able to utilize the functions of the website to make video calls with such affiliate web platforms such as Skype.

In recent times also, the web platform has been able to juxtapose the fix into folder feature which allows users to put a group of mails which look alike into the same folder. This way people can easily group a number of mails into the same folder and search for them within the period of their own convenience. What is more is the fact that the web platform also allows users the option of automatically performing the same setting  for all new mails, hence making their email accounts customizable. This feature could also allow users the option of making use of the sweep option on their account to delete a group of mails which they might have selected and this option can be done for mails of the same type too, especially in subsequent mail functions.

A major thing that a new user can utilize is the option of the preview feature which allows one to be able to preview a new mail for email addresses which are within the attachment of a document and if they would like to send mails to those addresses, they can easily do that.

The alias feature is also a very unique feature of the outlook account which is not on the Hotmail account which was phased out and so because of this, there is a whole lot of things to be looked out for when one creates an outlook account. The alias feature in the new outlook account allows people to create up to ten aliases per year for a particular email account and this could be used to send emails to different recipients while utilizing this feature to allow emails in the same inbox. It is more like having so many emails and allowing just one link into all of those mails. All of the emails with the different addresses share just a single inbox and this is why all of the activities in the new outlook account are unique.

The interface of the website is quite unique as all of the options in the web platform can be used by all humans regardless of the deficiency that one might have. The new outlook account has a shortcut of about fifty different keyboards and this could be used by people who are handicap for the purpose of conversing with their loved ones and business partners. In recent times also, people have been allowed to log into the outlook platform from any gadget that they might have. It must be noted that once upon a time the Hotmail account could only be logged on from restricted gadgets, but with the new features on the outlook account, one can easily key into the many features of the outlook web platform from many devices. This does not mean that the outlook web platform does not have a restricted application for this purpose as they newly just acquired an application in the year 2014 for the purpose of ease of access and this is known as the Acompli application. This application has totally rebranded the outlook web platform and this has a unique feature that many web platforms do not have.

Some of the Discrepancies that Emails have that are also affiliated with

The email world has suffered quite a number of technicalities and this can be affiliated with the evolution of the world of technology and the will of people to survive by all means. The first technicality that outlook suffers is the issue of spamming which is not peculiar to Hotmail and Yahoo have suffered this kind of down side in the past and this was seen when Hotmail was hacked. This feature led to one of the biggest hack history in the world as at that time. People make use of spamming as a focal point of marketing and also hacking into the account of people. People have also used the lead generation spamming as a form of hacking for the purpose of getting marketing edges for themselves in business. In a bid to checkmate and clamp down on this act, the outlook web developers have installed ways to checkmate on the activities of spammers and as a result of this, any account which is found spamming would be automatically blocked without any form of prior warning and this is because of the safety of confidential mails of subscribers to the platform.

Initially with the Hotmail account, people could make use of the features of the account to keep their contact anonymous, and because of this they could engage in nefarious activities which could lead to the financial loss of value from those that chat with them using the web platform. This feature with the new outlook platform was changed because it has led to diverse loss of properties from people and so now if you do not make your contact known to people, it is likely that based on the policy of the web platform, your account would be terminated.

With the new and recent updates on the outlook account, it has been made obvious for users of the web platform to comply with laws that relate with the online web. However, because of this reason, encrypted chats are visible to law enforcement agencies for the purpose of making sure that the web platform complies with the online privacy law and also the laws as they relate to the prevention of cybercrimes and online webs talking.

The major similarities that and other web platforms share in common

 While it is notable that all web platforms have differences that make them unique from the others, there are also a multifarious number of similarities that they share in common and because of this reason, it is worthy that some of those similarities are spoken about.

The first similarity here is the fact that the shares the pop3 supported programming that all other web platforms share on diverse gadgets. This means that the web platform could be used on all of those gadgets that can be affiliated as third party gadgets. Once upon a time the web platform was only used by selected gadgets which could be affiliated with the web platform, but with the pop3 function, this has been removed.

Furthermore, it can be stated that any email account can be deleted after a long period of time because of the multiple privacy laws that exist on the online web. One of those reasons is because of the security status of the web platform. This feature while been evident in other top related email platforms is also the same with the

Once upon a time, the Hotmail account only works on Apple related devices, but with the new outlook account, the application works on all gadgets, whether Apple or not. Also, the new outlook account can be affiliated with a deep storage space which is also a feature that is seen on Google accounts and other top notch email platforms.

There is also the customizable feature which allows users to redefine their email accounts to their own convenience. This is a feature which is obvious on other email platforms and also the new outlook interface too.

Between Gmail and Outlook

When it comes to the discussion on which is regarded as the top rated few when it comes to email services, the most patronized according to different reviews has been outlook and Gmail services. It has been stated too as a matter of debate that it is likely that the email world be phased out after a long period of time and this is due to the many advancement of the technological world, but the good thing is simply that despite the fact that there are many new technologies that makes the email world an ideal phase out option, because of the world of business and corporate alliance, it is likely that the email world continues to stay.

Gmail unlike Outlook was created in the year 2004 and as at the time when it was created it was created to have a storage space of 1GB and this further added to its features and patronage which was on the high side from it advent. The major rivalry between Outlook and the Gmail world started from that point of its inception because the outlook web platform also had a massive storage space which made it an equal match with Gmail. Despite the fact that as at the time when Gmail came into renaissance, the storage space that outlook had was just 2MB storage space, because of this fact, many people didn’t quite believe that there would be an email platform whose storage space would want to outwit that of the outlook that they have been so fond of. In a bid not to be totally phased out, outlook went ahead to increase the size of its storage space in a bid to be able to contend with their new rival-Gmail.

While the storage space of Gmail was the real deal at its inception, there was the issue of which of the two had the best design. While some might argue that the designs and themes of a web platform doesn’t really matter, so long as it has a good storage space. There were people who stayed stuck to Outlook because of the fact that the themes which were used by outlook were fashionable and easy to configure into taste. At the inception of Gmail, they were new in the business of making fashionable themes and so the web platform was ugly because of the themes that it had and also the option not to be able to configure your web based email into your own taste. Gmail also took the hint in a bid to get better patronage and as we speak today, the two web platforms have an interface that allows people to be able to personalize the features of the respective web platforms.

It must be noted also that at the inception of the Gmail web mail platform, they utilized the use of labels instead of folders which was the vogue thing with the outlook account. As a result of these folders, people could easily locate mails and get in touch with their loved ones based on the ease of search and the ability to quickly access labels. It must be noted that despite this fact, the people who have been using the outlook account before the renaissance of the Gmail platform found it very hard to relate with the platform because they were used to having folders. The down side was the fact that even when the users of the platform log into the Gmail account on a phone that has been incessantly utilized for outlook log in, it was likely that the labels on the Gmail accounts appeared as labels on the outlook related gadget. This was posed a kind of difficulty until recently the two platforms created an option that allowed people to personalize their views and this made things convenient for a lot of people.

As regards the area of the two platforms connecting with the online world, it must be noted that at the inception of the Gmail web platform, the web platform supported both IMAP and POP programming and this pretty much meant that the Gmail accounts which people created could work on any device. As at that point in time also, most Hotmail accounts could only log into IMAP related gadgets and this meant that the accounts were restricted. In much recent times however, the outlook developers have created an option for both IMAP and POP log in and this has aided so many people who would like to log in from any location and from any kind of gadget.

The two accounts also make use of related extensions and add on. This means that people who make use of the two web platforms could easily synchronize their social media pages and other related web platforms with their mail accounts and they could also relate with attachments within their mails. The two platforms also allowed for Skype and video calls and this means that irrespective of whatever option that one wants, one could easily choose to pick on email conversations or video calls, depending on choice.  

 The only major difference between the two platforms however is the fact that while one would fancy the sophistication of the accounts, the Gmail accounts have over time been said to be more fashionable and also when it comes to relating with mails through the search option, the Gmail accounts have made it much easier to do that. The two accounts are well sophisticated to the point that they have options to prevent spamming and when notices that there are things that one does not like in his or her mail, you could easily decide to never see the messages again or you could decide to report them to the developers. The two accounts also make it easy to contact their developers and this simply connotes that most of their new creations could be well tested by the subscribers to the respective web platforms.

Web Log-in, Sign-up, Sign-In

While all three might seem like they are the same, it must be noted that the Log in option on an email account means that you need to input the details of the account that you have created on the web platform. This would enable you to be able to login on the platform. On the other hand, the sign up option means that you need to create a new account and in other to do this, you might need to enter in your personal details. Gone are those days when one is nor compelled to do this, but in line with the online laws and privacy policies, it is a pre-requisite that for you to sign up on an email web platform, you would need to provide your details.

The sign in option means that you would love to sign in on the web platform after you must have created an account and also logged out on such an account.